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Mobile App Platform

SaaS-based Ecommerce Platform on mobile for Businesses to increase sale, develop loyalty and optimize resources.

No-Code Platform

Flexdio is a powerful NoCode platform designed to empower individuals and businesses of all backgrounds and skill levels to create and customize their own business applications quickly and efficiently. By eliminating the need for coding expertise, Flexdio opens up the world of application development to a wider audience, making it accessible to entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and anyone with a need for customized business applications.

Business Exchange Platform

BXP is a SaaS-based community builder platform designed to empower businesses in creating and managing professional communities. It offers a comprehensive set of features and tools to enhance communication, networking, and collaboration among community members.

ESG Gathering & Climate Consulting

ESG Standard Gathering & Climate Consulting provides an advanced tool to evaluate carbon footprint for emission reduction and international expertise in ESG Strategy and Climate Solution, facilitating the transition to eco-friendly practice.