Investor Program


Our Investor Program follows a structured process, including lead acquisition/initial screening, in-depth evaluation, due diligence, investment agreement, and follow-up investments or decision gates. We also provide opportunities for scouting projects and co-building ventures with investors as venture-building partners. Additionally, we offer opportunities for co-investment with other investors within the Renaissanc.io network.

Early Access

Get early access to high-potential startups, giving you a competitive advantage in the investment market.


Gain the expertise of experienced venture builders who provide valuable insights and strategic guidance.

Risk Managment

Invest in early-stage startups with reduced risk through our thorough evaluation process.


Fueling the future of startups by providing them with the resources they need to succeed

We believe that the most successful startups are those that challenge the status quo, design services, develop technology, and build ventures that truly make a difference.

Scouting & Startup Selection

Scan projects with main criterias : industries, founding team, problem-solution-fit, product, location, stage, ticket-size and business model


Partner with investors as a venture-building partner to validate, build and grow business to reduce risks and increase chances for startups


Only to accelerate start-up growth
Invest with investors members of Renaissanc.IO's network

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Renaissanc.IO reduce risk for investors?

Renaissanc.IO have team of experienced venture builders who provide support and guidance to portfolio companies including business model validation, venture building. By partnering with Renaissanc.IO, investors can leverage our expertise and reduce risk in investment

What is the minimum investment for an investor?

We request 15% equity from startups.

What is process for investing with Renaissanc.IO?

Is a simple and straightforward process. Join our network by filling out form. After our investor screening, Renaissanc.IO will provide you with investment opportunities in early-stage startups that meet investment criteria. Investor can choose to invest in one or more of these startups and Renaissanc.IO will provide ongoing support throughout investment journey.

How does Renaissanc.IO select startups in its network?

We have a rigorous selection process including evaluating startups based on their potential and our own experience in venture building. Only startups reach our minimum score benchmark are selected to join network.

What is expected return on investment for Renaissanc.IO's portfolio companies?

We cannot provide a specific return on investment, as it varies depending on startup and its success.

Can invest in Renaissanc.IO directly?

NO. Renaissanc.IO isn't currently accepting direct investment. We invite investor to join our network and invest in our portfolio through co-build/co-invest partnership.